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    The Three Options To Sell Real Estate In New Mexico

    There are three sides to selling a house in New Mexico, and we believe home sellers should know this in order to make more informed home sales decisions.

    Sell Through Real Estate Agents

    The old-fashioned and most popular real estate sale choice is to sell through a real estate agent. Now, we’ll never hide the truth from New Mexico homeowners: selling to local agents can get them more money than any other property sales alternative. However, with a great price comes great responsibility and greater stress. Here’s what selling to a real estate agent entails:

    • Long timeframe – It takes a while to find the right agent, secure a house listing contract, get buyers, receive a top dollar offer or purchase contract, and close the sale.
    • Costs – You have to fund closing costs, hidden fees, flat fee MLS listings, realtors commissions, holding costs or property taxes, competitive buyer’s agent commission, open houses, inspections, and even pay a professional staging company.
    • Repairs – Repairs are essential when selling to local agents.
    • Concessions – Buyers often haggle or make demands that you the seller are responsible for or you may lose the buyer and have to start the entire sales process over again from scratch.
    sell your house fsbo

    Selling FSBO

    Another way to sell your New Mexico home is to sell FSBO. It’s short for For Sale By Owner and literally means that you sell your own home by yourself. When you sell a home yourself, you don’t have to pay a listing agent. But, you usually still pay a commission to the buyer’s agent.

    Here’s what selling FSBO encompasses:

    • Slow and Exhausting – If you don’t have a strong network of prospective buyers or a potential buyer ready to pay cash fast for your property, your sale might take a while. You have to scout for local buyers, put the house on the multiple listing service and also find a local title company to sort out the legal documents and validate the sale of your New Mexico property.
    • Costs – You have to pay buyer’s agent commission, closing costs, settle a real estate attorney, print ads, and repair material defects.
    • Host open houses – The journey to finding buyers on your own can be tough. You’d have to host at least an open house or two.
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    Selling to New Mexico Investors/Local Buyers

    Selling your New Mexico property to professional home buyers makes sense when you need a fast, easy or guaranteed sale. As investors, we are not going to pay retail for real estate, but our offers are very competitive compared to other investors. Check out some key benefits to selling your house to Sell Your House Fast New Mexico:

    • Fast Sale – As direct buyers, we never slack or stall. You get a fast, all cash offer and a closing date of your choosing.
    • No Fees – You get to save money on the cost associated with selling on your own or via real estate agents. We fund all costs, including carrying costs, transactions costs and repair costs. We are not real estate agents, so there are no commissions.
    • Sell As-Is – We buy houses in New Mexico as-is. We don’t care about condition issues, bad tenants or appraisals. We only ask for access for our team (our realtor, contractors and partners).

    Caught In Any Of These Real Estate Problems?


    When faced with any of these situations, you may find yourself craving a fresh start! Nothing is wrong with getting rid of any property causing you headaches. But it is essential to know how!

    Sell Your House Fast New Mexico offers a simple solution to your unique circumstances. All you need to do is contact us; we’ll evaluate your home and prepare a fair cash offer. If you love our bid, we’ll close quickly so you can move on with your life. 

    We are honest and transparent and offer a free consultation to home sellers. When we evaluate your property, we will determine if our solution  is best for you. We are interested buyers but we also care. If you have other options that make more sense, we will advise you of those.

    Why endure all the difficulties that come with selling a problematic home? We are right here to walk you through the transaction. The best part is it doesn’t have to be a hassle!

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