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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you find our process confusing? Not to worry, we are always willing to answer your questions anytime! But to help you get answers faster, we’ve curated a list of FAQs. If this doesn’t answer your question, feel free to hit us up at 505-557-3500

Q: Why should I sell to you instead of a real estate agent?

A: Excellent question! We are real estate investors. Consequently, we buy houses at an affordable rate with the intention to revamp and sell them for profit. Homeowners sell their homes to us when they need a quick and guaranteed sale. What’s more, you won’t have to work with an agent, clean your house for showings, or repair.  

Q: Do you pay fair cash prices for houses?

A: We don’t just generate any price off the top of our head. We determine our cash offers by assessing the cost of repairs, maintenance, our profit, etc. We only deliver no-obligation cash offers for your properties. We’ll examine your home and conduct market research meticulously to ensure we don’t give a lowball offer. 

Q: How do you draft the quote for a house?

A: Getting a home’s ARV is the first step to preparing a fair cash offer. The ARV means after repair value, i.e., the amount a home costs after all fixes or renovations are done. Why is the ARV so important? Because the ARV forms the basis of our calculations. Our formula for calculating bids is ARV– Repairs– Selling costs– Profit = Cash offer.  

Q: Do you charge commissions or closing fees?

A: Sellers prefer us to realtors for a truckload of reasons, and this is one of them! We don’t request commissions or fees while purchasing houses. Our cash offer is always final–without any expenses paid out of your pocket. This means you don’t have to pay closing fees as well.

Q: My house is in a terrible state; what should I fix before I sell my home to you? 

A: We buy homes as it sits. As a result, you don’t have to repair, clean, or stage your house. We enjoy fixing or remodeling homes. So, we don’t mind fixing your home for a new family to live in. Feel free to contact us if you need to sell your rundown New Mexico property! 

Q: What differentiates you from a real estate agent?

 A: Realtors’ selling process is a stark contrast to ours. They have to help sell your home at the best available cost on Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Real estate agents hold showings and open houses for potential buyers. This effort comes at a cost which is 4-6% commissions of the total price for their services. But the transaction may take about four to six months if nothing goes wrong. Bear in mind that the sale can fail due to financial or inspection contingency. 

On the contrary, we are the direct buyers. Sell Your House Fast New Mexico buys homes as is without causing you any stress. When you sell to us, we eliminate agents, showings, commissions, and other hassling processes. To crown it all, we can close fast without any stress.

Q: What happens when I submit my information?

A: We’ll contact you after you reach out to us to gather your home’s information, discuss your home, and assess your current condition before making a fair cash offer. When we send you an offer, it’s up to you to accept it or opt for an alternative. However, if you take it, we can guarantee a quick close and reliable price.

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